My Communal Table

Summer Peaches and Apricots

My son and I have a beautiful peaceful habit on Sunday mornings. When we wake up we break the fast by gobbling down whatever seasonal fruit we have on hand. I make the important first cup of coffee and heat up Gabriel’s apple juice with lemon slice. I read the newspaper and Gabriel watches the TV he has been long denied all week.

An hour or two later, we have our second course of the morning. It usually consists of eggs, bacon, and crispy bread. Sometimes its pancakes or a frittata. This tides us over until the late afternoon when I make our Sunday dinner, hopefully with more of the tribe around our table as well.

On this particular morning I had apricots and peaches on hand. I have grilled fruit before, but never for breakfast. I had always made it for a dessert, but heck, why not? When I announced that I was going to grill the peaches and then cover them with warm honey. I received a big hooray. Gabriel has several food allergies (dairy being one of them), but it does not stop me from slathering my grilled fruit with greek yogurt, then the warm honey. Amazingly simply, but huge flavor. It was great way to start the day.

Grilling stone fruit is a no brainer. Whether it is plum, peaches, or apricots.

1. I just heat up my grill pan with just a little butter over medium high heat.
2. Place flat side down for just only 2-3 minutes.
3. Zap honey in the micro for about 30 seconds just to get it warmed up

Serve with greek yogurt for a touch of tangy cream and slather with warm honey on top. You will lick your plate. I have also put blue cheese on the top of the fruit with honey on top and it taste amazing. It makes a great first course as well as a dessert, depending on your mood.

This bowl of fruit was demolished in about 5 minutes on that sunny Sunday morning. We have nectarines for next week.


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Your photos are beautiful, the recipes enticing – best of all, though, is the shot of Gabriel! Love the story of your weekend morning!

Comment by lizthechef

Agreed. As usual, hard to know what I like better, the food imagined through pictures, the temptation to try it myself, or the fun glimpse of Gabriel in the morning. Also want to know what you’re doing with all those tomatoes in the banner! We’ve been having some variation of tomato salad all week and lovin’ it. Looking for EASY ways to have this taste over winter. Canning seems too ambitious.

Comment by Carol

Hey thanks and you have me thinking about all your tomatoes. I think you should cook down the tomatoes in a olive oil, onion, and garlic. Touch of salt. Maybe a little basil. Making a real simple sauce, then put it in freezer container and freeze. When you want to make a sauce for about anything(Mexican or Italian) you just pull out your simply cooked sauce and doctor it up to what you are cooking. It would taste great on chicken or fish. Lots of options.

Let me know what you decide. Elizabeth

Comment by behindthechair

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