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Orchazuke (Tea Rice)
June 16, 2010, 2:22 pm
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I was introduced to Orchazuke with this great recipe for Salmon Orchazuke on Food 52. I just loved this idea of making something so satisfying as soup with tea and a few leftovers. Making this from scratch is not hard either.

This is different everytime I make it. There are no rules. Sometimes I like a lot of tea in my bowl, sometimes just a little to cover the rice. Using the green tea with soy sauce makes it a bit like a dashi broth. I prefer brown rice to white rice, but make sure that you heat up your leftover rice up before adding your hot tea. It cools the whole dish down too much if you do not.

I have tried it with salmon, tuna, roasted pork shoulder and steak that I have had leftover. My favorite is salmon and pork. This is a little tuna leftover for this delightful soup of comfort.

Just make tea, heat rice and assemble.

Ingredients needed:

Cooked rice
Green tea
soy sauce
nori seaweed or furikake, cut into strips
sesame oil, just a few drops on top
green onions, thinly sliced
wasabi or sriracha

Optional: mushrooms or cilantro

As much as I love people around my table, this is one of those dishes that I love to eat when I need that zen moment alone. Great taste and no guilt.

Pull up a chair, Elizabeth


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So interesting and completely new to me! LOL when you end with “Pull up a chair, Elizabeth” because I am Elizabeth too and thought you were speaking directly to me!

Comment by Liz the Chef

You are welcome to pull up a chair anytime!

Comment by behindthechair

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