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February 25, 2010, 12:41 pm
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Who is in the mood for a little German comfort food? When my mom would make rouladen for the family it always seemed like a special treat. I still feel excited when I think about eating the tender German meat roll that has bacon and pickle inside it and gravy covering it. When an Austrian friend made rouladen for me, she put slices of hard boiled egg inside. I think there are as many versions of rouladen as there are versions of braciole in Italy.

Okay, I am going to tell you how to make it, but I am not going to give you exact amounts because it depends on how much you are going to cook. You can make just a couple or large amount for a big hungry family.

Ingredient list
round steak
yellow mustard
dill pickles
yellow onion
string or toothpicks
vegetable oil
beef stock
red wine
thyme springs
sour creme

1. I buy round steak cut about 1/4 inch thick. Your butcher would gladly slice this for you or you can cut it thin and pound it out to the right thickness.
2. I cook bacon up crispy. 1 strip of bacon per meat roll.
3. Lay meat out and spread a thin coat of classic yellow mustard on top. Brown grainy mustard works as well, but dijon does not.
4. Thinly slice dill pickles and place on top of meat.
5. Spread chopped up onion over the meat.
6. Chop up bacon and place over the meat.
7. Run up meat and secure with string or toothpick.

8. Heat up oil in a saute’ pan over medium heat.
9. Brown all sides of rouladen rolls.
10. Turned down to a simmer and add 2/3 of beef stock and 1/3 wine until it goes half way up the sides of the rolls.
11. Add thyme sprigs and cover.
12. Check in about 20 minutes. Turn meat and look for tenderness of the meat. If the rolls are super thick, it will take over an hour, but if they are somewhat tender at this point, it may only take about 15 more minutes.
13. Pull out meat when done and place on a platter.
14. Remove thyme sprig and taste. If intensity is needed, cook down a bit more.
15. Mix equal amount water and flour together, then whisk in cooking liquid.
16. Adjust seasoning as the sauce thickens. Cook long enough to cook the flour taste out of the sauce.
17. Place sour creme in a small bowl, then add some of the cooking liquid to bowl, stir.
18. Pour creme mixture in cooking liquid and whisk until totally incorporated.
19. I usually spoon a little gravy over the meat and put the rest in a serving bowl.

I roasted root vegetables and made a vinaigrette to put on top of some buttery bibb lettuce to accompany my meal. My ultimate taste tester, my young son, wanted me to pack him some in his lunch box the next day, but I had to break the bad news. No leftovers. I won’t wait so long to make rouladen again.


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