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Lamb Chops, salad, wine. Simply perfect.
January 4, 2010, 1:25 pm
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I love lamb. One of my favorite food memories is when my father would cook a leg of lamb on the rotisserie. I still like lamb simply prepared and I like to serve it with something uncomplicated and fresh.

On the menu:
Grilled Lamb loin chops
Fresh salad with a simple lemon vinaigrette
Feta Cheese
Pinotage Wine from South Africa ( Trader Joe’s recommend. $6)

The Greeks had it right. Lemon goes great with lamb. Meat grills best at room tempurature. I place all the chops in a sided baking dish and start throwing all the ingredients for the marinade. No exact amounts. It is to taste, but make enough to have thoroughly coated chops.

Olive oil
Lemon juiced and rinds left in marinade

I grill the chops about 3-4 minutes per side for medium rare. Let all meat rest about 5-10 minutes before eating. I put some feta cheese out to eat with the lamb. The salty tang of the cheese goes great with the richness of the meat.

Fresh greens are so delicious and are the perfect compliment to the meat. I usually mix up my own dressing in a jar with a lid and just keep in the fridge. Super easy and lower in calories.

Lemon Dressing:

In a small jar,
Squeeze an entire lemon in jar.
Heaping T. of dijon mustard.
2 cloves of garlic chopped finely
Now look at the level where the juice goes up the side of the jar. Just add the same amount of olive oil, so you are doubling the amount of liquid.
Salt and Pepper
Put lid on and shake, than taste. Adjust to your taste.

Super simple and delicious. Anyone can pull this super easy meal off. Enjoy.

Pull up a chair, Elizabeth


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Been awhile since I looked at your food blog! You are really good!! I guess you should have been an exec. chef, too!! You go girl!! I love you! MOM

Comment by nancy

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