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Fifteen minute dinner challenge. I dare you!
December 13, 2009, 11:15 pm
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We have all been there… hungry, tired, do not want to spend the money on take out. There are others looking at you saying, “What’s for dinner?” Yikes. You want it healthy. Double yikes. Solution… a few standards that you can pull out of the box anytime. That would be the recipe box.

I had chicken, spinach and a few potatoes.

Start timer:
1. Pierce skin of potatoes with fork and stick in microwave. 5 minutes for small, 8 for large.
2. Start heating up the skillet, then pull out chicken breast.
3. Season them with season salt and pepper, then dust with some all purpose flour.
4. Coat pan with some olive oil. Heat up oil a moment, then place chicken down. Approx. 3 mins a side.
5. Start heating up skillet number 2 over medium heat. Open your bag of spinach, or cut of ends and wash.
6. Put olive oil or broth in skillet 2.
7. Turn chicken, put spinach in skillet 2 and squeeze 1/2 lemon with salt and pepper. Put a lid on it and turn it down to low.
8. Pull potatoes out of the microwave, smash with butter, salt and pepper to taste.
9. Pull chicken out of skillet and squeeze the other half of lemon in the pan. Whisking the pan drippings should thicken up juice. May need to add a pad or two of butter. Taste to adjust seasonings.
10. Chicken breast on plate. Spinach stirred up and then placed on plate. Potatoes on plate, then place sauce on whatever you want.
11. Done. 12 minutes.

Now that is a great plate of food. My son and I enjoyed every morsel of it. Let me know how you did.


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How did you know that those are the EXACT ingredients in my fridge (except I have chicken tenders) and I have no time to cook. I am definitely going to try this. Also, when did Jenna’s hair go dark? I didn’t even know her!! But then I saw that cute face, and there’s no missing her.

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