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Fun with Bread Machines.
September 6, 2009, 9:28 pm
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I can not tell you what made me first buy a bread machine, but I had my doubts. I knew that I did not want to spend a lot of money. I heard a lot of people say that they used it for a little while, then never used it again. So I went to Craig’s list and found a brand new one for $20. Yes, you heard me right, $20. I looked everyday for a week and a bride that had gotten a bread machine for a wedding present was willing to barter. She had never even opened the box. That was three years ago.

The fanciest thing that I make in the machine is the sticky cinnamon apple buns that are above. I make whole wheat bread, pumpernickel bread, oatmeal bread. The key is to use the book that comes with the machine. It will guide you through it all. They also sell cookbooks for breadmachines.
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I make hot dog and hamburger buns and save so much money. I went through a couple of 5 lbs. bags of bread flour for five dollars and decided to go for the fifty pound bag at Costco that sells for $15. I just put it in a new tall plastic garbage can that fits perfectly in my pantry. I also bought a huge bag of yeast for $3 at costco instead of the packets for approximently the same price from the grocery store. This brought my cost down per loaf of bread to about .25. Now I usually pay $2 to $4 per loaf in the grocery store. I love saving that kind of money, especially on a better fresher product.

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This grilled flat bread is pizza dough that has been brushed with chimichurri sauce before I put it on a hot grill pan. I make pizza all the time for my son and his friends. I let them make their own individual pizzas and it has proven to be a big hit. I love that it does not cost me a lot.

I just think that having homemade bread for your family and quests is something unexpected and special. The house fills with the wonderful smell of fresh baking bread and you feel cared for immediately. Consider pulling your machine out or buying one and you will not regret it. You will save money, have a better piece of bread, and it will not have to make that last minute run to the store for bread.

Note: On bread storage… fresh bread gets hard in a day. Whatever I do not use, I put in the freezer the day I bake it. It should not go in the fridge! If you want day old bread for certain dishes or to dry it out for bread crumbs, it should be done at room tempurature.

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I like the new entry, especially the tip about bread storage. One question, though–why not put the bread in the fridge? What about store-bought bread? Same thing?

Comment by Carolyn

The fridge is the perfect tempurature to for bread to get stale. It has more moisture then room tempurature and changes the flavor of the bread. This also goes for store bought bread, but most have some preservatives that will extend its shelf life.

Comment by behindthechair

My mouth is watering for the taste of a stickey bun. Yum!! Your clients must look forward to the treat as will as their ” new do”!

Comment by nancy

Your pix make me so hungry! They’re delicious!

Comment by kerri

This looks so great. I really look forward to seeing what you post next. So does my little girl, Rosie.

Comment by rosieboosie

Also, what a cute little boy!

Comment by rosieboosie

I just found your blog;your pictures are so good! I would love to follow you; how do I join you to know when you add another post. I love how you write and enjoyed Julia Child’s quote on the side.

Comment by Sage

Thanks so much for finding me. I am new to this blog thing and have a few kinks to work out. I will put up new posts this week and place the follow element to the blog. It is definitely a work in progress. Thanks, Elizabeth

Comment by behindthechair

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