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Super delicious Goat cheese dressing.
September 4, 2009, 1:35 pm
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I love the tang of goat cheese and I love creamy dressing, but usually the creamy dressings have a lot of fat or are the low fat options are so full of fake fat ingredients that the taste is horrible. This recipe is the exception and I am so happy. Tangy, low in fat, all natural ingredients, and super creamy.

I found this recipe on a food blog and I am sorry I can not remember which one or I would give it credit. I tweeked it a little and found that there are a lot of variations that are super tasty. Not only do I put goat cheese dressing on salads, I put in on burgers, sandwiches, and even use it as a dip.

1 oz. goat cheese
2 T. buttermilk (Note: a lot of people do not know that buttermilk is low in fat and calorie. Use it in a lot of different things.)
3T. Greek style yogurt (Note: You can purchase your fat content according to your preference. They come in full fat to 0% fat.)
1/2 t. white vinegar
1t. lemon juice
lots of pepper
salt to taste
couple dribbles of sesame oil (Note: love to have this always on hand in my fridge.)

Mix all together and save in fridge for a variety of things. Thin out with lemon if you want it runner and use less if you want it super thick.

Variation 1: Use only lemon juice (Omit vinegar) and add chopped dill for poached salmon or baked potato.
Variation 2: Use lime in place of lemon and vinegar. Add some chopped cilantro and chili powder. ( I used a adobo chili powder I had in the pantry.) This is delicious with sweet potato fries
Variation 3: Use balsamic vinegar instead of lemon and vinegar and add some sugar. Teaspoon at a time and make a delicious dipping sauce for strawberries.
Variation 4: Replace blue cheese for the goat cheese and you have low fat blue cheese dressing.

Just have fun with this recipe and indulge. It won’t hurt. Now I have to go have the bacon, lettece, and tomato sandwich I have been dreaming about. Sour dough bread toasted with my goat cheese dressing instead of mayo. Hey, I am cutting some calories!


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Sounds yummy! Will definitely try and pass along. Great to meet your mom the other day and it was a great conversation. Thanks to both of you!

Comment by Carol

Nice. I was surprised at how much my husband loved goat cheese, and, to change the subject slightly, I suffer from charlie horse leg cramps. I just found out that eating goat’s milk yogurt has a lot of potassium in it and now I eat it regularly…so far, the cramps are less and less severe.
This dressing is really delicious sounding. I am glad you mentioned the fact about buttermilk…another substitute for buttermilk is kefir, essentially the same thing, but I think it is sheep’s buttermilk.

Comment by Jewel (jaujau)

loved your variations, since I tasted the
original. Which was terrific!! Love, Mom

Comment by nancy

I am so amazed that I managed to send a comment that I’m going to try again!! Thanks for three days of healthy, delicious meals. Maybe you should add your feta cheese omelet! Mm-Mm-Mm-!! Love, Mom

Comment by nancy

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