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The Hot Doug Experience
July 20, 2009, 6:31 am
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first food 031

Have you ever seen a long line to get in to restaurant and thought, “Nothing is worth that wait.”?Hot Doug’s Sausage superstore and encased meat emporium is truly worth it. They make almost every variation of encased meat you can imagine and on Fridays and Saturdays they serve french fries cooked in duck fat. This is the Friday line. I wonder how the line is on other days of the week? How is it in the winter? I have heard there are days when there is no line, but I have  met no one that has experienced this urban legend. There is always a line. We waited 2 hours! Make sure to have some good friends to hang with while you are in line. first food 033

We reached the register  and ordered six dogs, two duck fries, and three drinks ran us $45.00. It is cash only at this place. The Chicago Hot Dogs are only $1.75 and the Special Dogs average $7.00. Duck Fat Fries are $3.50.first food 035

This was spectacular. A ribeye steak sausage with horseradish cream sauce and crispy fried onions.first food 036

This is why we made the sojourn.  When I saw Anthony Bourdain gobble them down I have dreamed about it.   Foie gras and sauternes duck sausage with truffle aioli, foie gras mousse and sel gris. It was better then my expectations. It was rich,delicate and bold at the same time. Maybe we should have ordered a second…first food 037

OMG… we ate it all and I have no regrets. After a two hour wait, I am glad that it was so good. We also had a merguez lamb sausage with spicy harissa and goat cheese and an apple pork sausage with sriracha mustard and cumin smoked gouda cheese.

first food 038

Bathroom sign… sausages here.

first food 039

NO sausage… then go here.

Just thought that I would share.  Fun place. Great Experience. Wished there was one on my street corner. Kudos to the master sausage guy. Master Doug.


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Elizabeth this is fantastic! I have always wondered about this place as I was very intrigued by the thought of duck fat fries. However after seeing the photo of foie gras on top of the sausage, well that just blows my mind and therefore a trip to Hot Doug’s is definately going to be in my future! I would have never guessed about the line either so that is good to know especially if you are making the trek from the suburbs. Bon appetito and keep it comin honey!

Comment by Lisa Zimbler

Okay, that is WAY too funny!

Comment by kerri

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